Seat Selection Flow

Ticketflap is one of the leading Hong Kong events ticket booking websites. They came to us with an urgent need to update their seat selection flow on both mobile and desktop. We spent a long time studying the user flow data they had and came up with a design and UX formula for the seat selection. We presented Ticketflap with 3 seat selection flow options, this is the final chosen version below.

Category Selection

Category selection page where users can choose their seating category which varies in price.

Category Selected

This is what the user sees once they have selected a certain seating category.

Water Warning

The next screen explains that the user may get wet sitting in the seating category that they chose. They are given the option to change seating categories.

Best Available Seats

If the user doesn’t want to get wet, the system will choose the next best available seats for them - taking into consideration the previously chosen seating category as well as number of people attending.

Seat Selection Preview

This page allows the user to preview their chosen seats and select whether they are happy with them or not. If they are not content with their seat selection, they will be brought back to the original seat selection screen.

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