Logo & App Concept Design

SERVD is a new app by a UK based company which aims to simplify and streamline the food ordering process by automating the gap between the supplier and end-customer. We were tasked with designing them a logo and app, from concept to delivery.

Logo Design

After some consultation sessions to get a feel for their brand, we came up with a simple and modern concept logo design flexible enough to work well on different mediums and backgrounds. .


The colour selection for SERVD creates a feeling of tranquility - taking the user away from the busy streets of London and placing them on a tropical beach as they watch the sunset go down with their favourite beverage in-hand.


In addition to the logo we designed a series of cool graphics for social media, print, and Google Display Network advertising.

Login page - App

This is the login page we designed for the mobile app. Pictured is the user’s point of view when they open the app.

Venue page - App

This is the Venue Page we designed for the mobile app. This is where the user will choose what bar or restaurant they want to order from.

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