Clockenflap 2019

Started in 2008 and run by event organisers Magnetic Asia, Clockenflap has become the most recognisable music festival name in Hong Kong. We were commissioned to build upon their existing event branding and design the signage, iconography and a few other graphic elements for the event.

Festival Map

This icogram festival map is specially designed for the 2019 Clockenflap event which takes place at the AIA Vitality park in Central, right in the heart of Hong Kong. Its true size was over 5 meters wide, displayed by the entrance to the event for all to see clearly.

Wormy Recycle Logo

Wormy is a character created by organisers Magnetic Asia for clockenflap 2019. We were tasked to manipulate Wormy to create an eco-friendly icon to reflect the environmental agenda of the brand.

Green Team T-Shirts

The ‘green team’ at the 2019 Clockenflap event were spread out to help guide people through the venue and encourage eco friendly behaviour. The organisers used this same design structure and simply varied the colour for the other jobs: bar staff, backstage staff and vip staff.

Social Media Ads

A series of “Clockenflap presents” social media advertisements featuring renowned artists Bruno Major and Omar Apollo.

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